Available Shifts

1st shift (6am-2pm)

Job Details

  1. Position Objective

The Custodian will be responsible for cleaning and sanitizing all walking surfaces, office areas, meeting rooms, bathrooms, breakroom and public areas.


  1. Job Duties and Responsibilities
    1. Excellent attendance, be focused and engaged.
    2. Wear proper PPE for the job.
    3. Follow written work instructions for the designated area to be cleaned.
    4. Perform general clean-up of all areas of the building as directed.
    5. Manage routine upkeep in interior areas daily.
    6. Complete non-routine cleaning according to specified job orders.
    7. Remove garbage and recycling daily.
    8. Handle emergency cleaning and upkeep requests.
    9. Ensure supplies are maintained and fully stocked.
    10. Comply with safety regulations.
    11. Maintain clean and orderly work areas.
    12. Other duties as assigned.


  • Working Conditions
    1. Employee is standing and walking to perform the job.
    2. Employee is working without air conditioning in an area that can be extremely warm seasonally.
    3. Lifting, bending, stooping, pulling/pushing, moving objects up to 30 pounds as necessary.


  1. Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
    1. Must be able to read and comprehend written work instructions.
    2. Good hand eye coordination, manual dexterity (the ability to quickly move your hand, your hands together with your arm, or your two hands to grasp, manipulate cleaning tools).
    3. Flexibility to adjust to various job assignments within their department and work in other departments as work load increases or decreases.
    4. Willingness to work early morning or early evening shifts.
    5. Ability to work well under minimal supervision.
    6. Capacity to take direction.
    7. Strong attention to detail.
    8. Physically capable of lifting, pushing/pulling and moving objects up to 30 pounds as necessary.


  1. Education and Training
    1. Eighteen years of age and either a high school diploma or GED.
    2. At least two years of janitorial experience is preferred.

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