Generally, there is very little machining required for zinc die castings because of the near net shape that can be obtained with zinc die casting. The machining characteristics of zinc and zinc alloys are excellent and a wide range of machining processes can be used. For our customers requiring close or tighter tolerances, machining plays a pivotal role in our ability to supply our customers with a ready-to-use finished product. 

Our machining work-centers provide a broad range of options depending on volume and complexity of the casting.  These include our traditional machining centers that provide high-speed machining, drilling, reaming, and tapping. For more complex parts, our CNC work centers produce precision accuracy with tremendous flexibility.

Our economically competitive machining includes our dedicated cells or work-centers.  These optimized work-centers are located directly at the die-casting machines, completing the additional operations immediately after the part is cast. This not only creates a very rapid turnaround of parts, but limits handling costs, lowers scrap rates, and simplifies logistics, all of which makes Deco’s overall costs lower and our prices more competitive.

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