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Deco Products has many services & capabilities to provide to our customers. From A to Z or Assembly to Zinc plating…we want to be your zinc die caster of choice. If your project requires only a raw zinc die cast part…we can do it. But it is our goal that our services & capabilities are able to provide our customers with a completely finished part that meets or exceeds their expectations. Thus, you are not increasing your lead times by sending your die castings to another vendor for additional services.

Deco Products Front Office Zinc Die Casting

Die Casting Services

Zinc Die Cast Mounting Bracket

The high pressure utilized during the hot chamber zinc die casting process, along with the high fluidity of zinc, allows the material to penetrate small features in the tooling to create precision die castings. The mechanical properties of zinc die casting alloys can provide you with the precise castings you are are looking for.

Deco Products Powder Coating Line

A clean and attractive durable finish can be obtained using zinc die cast alloys, due to their physical attributes. Deco has a state of the art dual line powder coating system that can make your product stand-out against your competition.  Multiple colors, shades and textures are available to meet your specifications.

CNC Machining Zinc Die Casting

Due to the fact that zinc die casting can be cast to near net shape, there is generally very little machining required. But, if your project requires tighter tolerances, our various machining processes will allow Deco the ability to supply you with a ready-to-use finished product.

Deco Products Sash Lock Assembly Line

Assembly is another key service that we can use to provide you with ready-to-use finished products. Thanks to our efficient work-centers and accumulated assembly experience, we are able to provide you with world class service, simplified logistics, and reduced cost.

Die Casting Capabilities

Deco Products CMM machine

Our commitment to quality is just one of the services & capabilities we provide. Most importantly for Deco, quality is a given, not a requirement. For instance, we have a quality management system (QMS) that meets or exceeds most customer expectations, and we can accommodate any other quality needs you may have.

Image of Zinc Die Cast Tool

Our experienced engineering team will work with your team to ensure that the tool design is optimized for consistent quality and lower final product cost. Moreover, we know precisely how to eliminate common defects like porosity, entrained air & blisters, and surface cold shuts. So you can count on the quality of the products you will receive from Deco.

Zinc Die Cast Money Clip - Thin Wall

Prototyping your zinc die cast part(s) can be challenging. There are various ways it can be done, but understanding the pros and cons of each method is very important. Moreover, Deco can help you work navigate the prototyping possibilities and choose the best method to meet your design and/or product validation requirements. 

Zinc Die Cast Tooling Up Close

Often every tooling transfer project has its own unique set of circumstances.  With Deco’s decades of experience and engineering expertise. We can adapt to specific requirements to ensure your tooling transfer project can have a seamless transition.

Image of Cleaning Zinc Die Cast Tooling

Since 1960 we have been designing and maintaining zinc die cast tooling. Our experience has taught us the best practices for die management. We’ve also learned how to get the most out of our dies and optimize their longevity.

Zinc Die Cast Crank Handle for Window

Zinc die cast alloys provide an excellent base for a durable finish in the powder coating process, similarly, due to the physical attributes of the material, it is a great substrate for various types of plating.

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