Since 1960, Deco Products has not only established its prominence with growth from new part design, but also tool transfer projects.  This experience and our “debt-free” conservative practices have established our stability in calm or challenging economic times to best support our customers.

Deco Products has systems, equipment, and operational and engineering experts to ensure stress-free and expedited tooling transfer projects.

Image of Zinc Die Cast Tool

We start with understanding the project parameters for schedule and cost, then our systematic approach includes the following:

  1. Review of the tools to be transferred.  This can be done with sharing of such information as tooling drawings, pictures, or on-site audits, if possible.
  2. Before the tools arrives, Deco Products will “size” the fit of the tools to one of Deco’s 88 zinc die casting machines and existing tooling holders or fixtures for adaptation.
  3. If needed, tooling can be modified or adapted to with new componentry in Deco’s on-site tool room.
  4. Tooling can be sampled in an expedited, but also production representative way.  With Deco’s many machines, we have capacity to quickly sample the tooling without interruption of other scheduled production jobs.
  5. Deco has on-site QA lab to conducting production part approval process (PPAPs).

Please know that this approach relies on our experts to be problem solvers.  Often every tooling transfer project has its own unique set of circumstances.  With Deco’s decades of experience and engineering expertise we are uniquely positioned to adapt to specific requirements and capabilities for your transferred tooling.

Contact Deco Products today if we can help support you for a future tooling transfer project: