Precision Zinc Die Casting

Precision zinc die castings at Deco Products are created using the “Hot Chamber” method of die casting zinc alloys.  With this method molten zinc is injected into the die, by means of a plunger and gooseneck. Zinc is a highly fluid material. And hot chamber die casting utilizes high pressure during in the process.  Therefore, allowing the material to penetrate small features in the tool.  This provides a variety of benefits to you including:

  • Faster production times
  • Reduction in porosity of the end product
  • Reduction of waste due to design efficiencies
  • Reduce secondary operations by casting near net shape
  • Die life is substantially increased due to the lower melting point of zinc
Zinc Die Cast Parts including runner and sprue

Zinc Expertise

In addition to Deco’s experience and excellence for almost 6 decades, we pride ourselves on our versatility. As our company has grown, we have expanded our production capabilities to ensure we can support a broad range of physical requirements.  As a result, Deco can tool intricate castings to run with tight tolerances in our wide variety of die-casting machines, giving us the capacity to produce parts as small as several ounces to as large as 8 lbs.

Think Zinc Die Cast Parts

Die Casting Equipment

Our resources include over fifty (50) 14 to16 ton machines. These machines are run on a launder system optimized for economical production.  Some of these machines leverage robotic extraction and trim the casting in a single motion. Therefore, we can improve our production velocity, reduce cost, and reduce scrap.

In addition to our launder line, we have over 30 stand-alone machines, ranging from 60 tons to 500 tons. These machines provide for larger castings and those requiring higher pressure and locking force requirements.

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Deco Products Launder Line
Zinc Die Cast Furnace - Molten Zinc Alloy Properties
Deco Products Conventional Producer Zinc Die Cast Machines