In addition to excellence, we pride ourselves on our versatility. As our company has grown, we have expanded our production capabilities to ensure we can support a broad range of physical requirements. As a result, Deco can tool intricate castings to run with tight tolerances in our wide variety of die-casting machines, giving us the capacity to produce parts as small as several ounces to as large as 8 lbs.

Our Machines

Our resources include over 50 14-16 ton machines. These machines are run on a launder system optimized for economical production. Some of these machines leverage robotic extraction and trim the casting in a single motion. Therefore, we can improve our production velocity, reduce cost, and reduce scrap.

In addition to our launder line, we have over 30 stand-alone machines, ranging from 60 tons to 500 tons. These machines provide for larger castings and those requiring higher pressure and force-locking requirements.