Plating Zinc Die Casting

Plating zinc die cast products is typically done for one of two reasons.  First is for aesthetics, providing an attractive or decorative finish to the surface of the part.    Some decorative finishes can be functional, but the main purpose of a decorative finish is to be visually appealing to customers.

The second reason is more functional where parts are going to be exposed to a harsher environment or need to be more durable.  A functional finish or plating is meant to improve the component performance, which can include; hardness, tarnish, UV, surface friction & corrosion resistance; along with various other attributes.

The decision to apply a functional or decorative surface finish to a component depends upon where it will be used and its function.  Products that face the consumer need to be visually appealing to customers, but they also must maintain their functional performance.  A faucet must look good, but also needs to resist rust and corrosion which is a means for the decorative finish to add value.

Zinc Die Cast Crank Handle for Window
Plated Zinc Die Cast Sash Lock Housing

Zinc is a Good Substrate

Zinc die cast alloys provide an excellent base for a clean, attractive durable finish in the powder coating process. Likewise, due to the physical attributes of the material, zinc alloys are also a good substrate for various types of plating.

And when zinc, known as the “corrosion-protection workhorse”, is added on top of zinc, it provides greater protection against deterioration.

Zinc Plating Process

This process involves the electrodeposition of a thin coating of zinc metal onto the surface of another metal object, known as a substrate.  This creates a physical barrier that prevents rust from reaching the underlying metal surface.

There are different types of solutions that can be used including either acid-based or alkaline-based and depending upon your needs, we will select the right mix for you.  The overall process includes prepping and cleaning the product surface, preparing the proper solution and process (barrel or rack plating) and then introducing an electric current.

Post treatment includes rinsing the parts in water, sometimes more than once and then thoroughly drying the parts.  In some cases, the addition of passivates and sealers may be added. When complete, we package and ship the products right to your door.

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