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After interviewing nearly a dozen organizations worldwide, we started working with Deco to bring a new line of assemblies to our product line. This was our first work with zinc and die casting. Deco was instrumental in bringing our designs from the drawing board to reality, aiding and educating at every step. In production, every part has met or exceeded expectations; as does the service and sales process. Deco is our trusted and invaluable partner.
VP Market Development, Technical Lead
I have worked with Linda Gehling and Deco since July 2017. She has always been professional, responsive an proactive in responding my needs and requests. She goes over and above on occasions when I ask for a confirmation to be expedited. I have also worked with Connie Gordon in some of these incidences and she like Linda always provides professional and courteous service.
Purchasing Agent
Deco went above and beyond in a time of need to help keep our production running.
Windows Purchasing Agent
Deco has proved to be an indispensable partner. They’ve consistently worked hand in hand with us to overcome challenges that past suppliers couldn’t handle. We enjoy on-time delivery of quality parts. What more could we ask for?
Purchasing Manager
Deco customer service is responsive, professional, friendly and timely. They are always willing to try to meet the customer’s needs.
Materials Manager
Deco worked collaboratively with our company to improve on existing designs and create more efficient castings with lower cost.
Procurement Manager

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