Die Casting Tool Design

At Deco Products our experienced engineering team works with our customers to ensure that tool-design is optimized for consistent quality and lower final product cost.  We use Flow-3D Cast simulation software which allows us to analyze the mold flow and design the precise tools needed to create superior products.

Zinc Die Cast Experts

Our commitment to excellence has made us a supplier of precision zinc die castings to customers all over the world.  With over 59 years of experience, we have the ability to design and produce the most challenging components.

We know precisely how to eliminate common defects like porosity, entrained air & blisters, and surface cold shuts, so you can count on the quality of the products you will receive from us.

Die Cast Part Design

Some of the most challenging simulations for accuracy revolve around metal casting applications.  It all starts with a logical sequence that closely follows the sequential key processes.  We take into account the complex range of the physics involved along with the challenges of thin-walled castings.

We focus on the simulation of our hot chamber method to discover and accurately predict filling and solidification and then apply the best modeling workflows to allow us to meet your specifications.

Call or email us today and learn how working with zinc die casting experts will make your life easier and save you time and money!

Zinc Die Cast Shot Monitoring
Zinc Die Cast Mold Flow Simulation
Zinc Die Cast Regulator Housing