The DECO Advantage

The Deco Advantage materializes through our continuous mission to solve problems for our partner customers. We understand our continued existence and prosperity is aligned to our customer’s success.

With a legacy of success and prominence in the zinc die casting industry we have a proven history for innovation, reliability, and great value. With over 10 million pounds of zinc alloy processed in our Decorah Iowa facility, only Deco Products can provide such scale to achieve the needed efficiencies, synergies, and value to be the best solution for the challenges faced in today’s industries.

Rather than integrating multiple capabilities and materials (zinc, aluminum, magnesium, plastic, etc.) and having diverse but limited support, Deco Products specializes in zinc die casting and provides the most innovative, practical, and all-around best zinc die cast support and solutions. With zinc alloy integral to our history, since 1960, we have developed operational excellence and engineering talent to be innovative and true problem solvers for zinc die casting demands.

The range of solutions include the following:

Deco has cumulative of over 400 years of experience in many facets of design engineering and project management (click here for more information). Deco collaborates with your team to ensure either your new product or tool transfer projects are completed on time, on budget and per specification.

Quality is not just a characteristic of acceptable parts on the onset of tooling completion. It is an attribute of life of the product and present in every shipment. Deco’s team not only manages the project launch, but also the product life with careful part and tooling design and maintenance. This attention to detail and quality is a continuous priority every day of the life of the product. Click here for more information.

While other casters have limited alloy chooses, Deco can cast any of the high-pressure zinc alloys. Click here for more information.

Most of our material and sourced components are local and/or has redundancy in sourcing. Our products flow reliably even when the ports are stalled. Click here for more information.

Averaging more than 20 years of experience per expert team member, our customer support team is not only available to help solve the day-to-day problems, but also very skilled and knowledgeable. They provide the “ear”, the “voice” and the understanding for our “easy to work with” business practices. As surprises come up, Deco continues to support our partners and help ensure our customers success. This can only be said, in their own words. Click here for more information and testimonials from our happy partner customers.

Deco understands the challenges of being globally competitive for piece part and the importance of value to our customer and the resulting alignment to our mutual success. Coupled along with our continued investment in new technology to increase efficiencies is our continued emphasis to provide total product life cycle value. Our value is achieved, not only on the onset of product launch, but also years and even decades later with attention to tool life and technology implementations. It is this commitment that solidifies our great partnerships and legacy for success.


Deco has proved to be an indispensable partner. They’ve consistently worked hand in hand with us to overcome challenges that past suppliers couldn’t handle. We enjoy on-time delivery of quality parts. What more could we ask for?
Purchasing Manager
Our organization has been utilizing Deco Products for over twenty years. Their connectivity to our die cast products and customer care they provide, keeps us satisfied with their services.
Senior Buyer
Deco worked collaboratively with our company to improve on existing designs and create more efficient castings with lower cost.
Procurement Manager

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