Zinc Powder Coating

Zinc powder coating is the process of powder coating on a zinc substrate. Powder coating is a type of coating that is applied as a dry powder. It is typically applied electrostatically and then cured under heat or with ultraviolet light. The powder is used to create a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint.

Zinc Alloys For Powder Coating

Due to their physical attributes, zinc die cast alloys provide an excellent base or substrate for a clean, attractive and durable finish. Deco first began powder-coating in 1972 and now processes millions of castings in our state-of-the-art dual line system. We offer a wide range of in-house colors, along with other services to protect or beautify the surface of the part.

There are many advantages to powder coating, which include the following:

Durability with more resistance to chipping, scratching and fading, so colors stay more vibrant longer.

A better-quality finish, since powder melts and flows together evenly.

Substantial savings in time since there is no “flash off” period required; the powder coated materials pass directly into the oven.

More environmentally friendly since there is an absence of volatile organic compounds, (VOC’s) in the process. Additionally, this reduces health hazards to our employees.

A “cleaner” process that allows for rapid changeover.

Zinc Products Finishing

There are common colors and finishes used in powder coating, but one of the best benefits of this method is the ability to completely customize your color and finish. Finishes can include texture like glitter or wrinkles and a vast range of surface finishes from high gloss to matte.

During the zinc powder coating process, each part is washed and dried before receiving an electrostatic powder-coat. To best meet our customer needs we can use epoxy, polyester, urethane or any variety of hybrid mixes. The parts are cured in our in-line dryer system and inspected for quality upon completion. With two complete lines and rapid changeover capabilities, we can produce a variety of distinct finishes for our customers in any given week.

Deco Products offers a diverse selection of colors to choose from, up to 90 different colors. The process of choosing a color can be aided by the sales team by requesting a sample paint chip to be sent.

Contact our sales team if you have a project that has a special color.

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