Years of Experience

Since 1960 we have been designing and maintaining zinc die cast tooling. Our experience has taught us the best practices for die management. We’ve also learned how to get the most out of our dies and optimize their longevity. At Deco, we use premium heat-treated H-13 die steel, which ensures long tool life and a high return on the customer’s tooling.

Die Management

Deco carefully maintains your tools to optimize their production life. After every production run our dies are sent through ultrasonic cleaners to make sure our next production run begins as if the mold was new. This includes a two stage process that breaks down buildup from the last production run and a rinse that includes a rust inhibitor.

Our well-staffed tooling department maintains dies on each of the three shifts. We ensure excellent maintenance and supervision of these valuable resources in order to maintain minimal production interruption.

Deco Products Ultra-Sonic Cleaner
Thermal Image of Zinc Die Cast Tool
Forklift Operator moving Zinc Die Cast Tool