How Strong is Die Cast Zinc and Attributes for Zinc Alloys

Design Engineers trust die cast zinc to stand up to wear and tear because zinc die castings are inherently strong. We’ll also look at the different material advantages of zinc die casting for part design.

1. Die Cast Zinc Parts Possess Excellent Mechanical Characteristics and High Impact Strength

Zinc die casting parts, known for their superior mechanical strength, have high tensile strength. The result in castings that withstand higher impacts than plastics or other metal alloys. Making them an ideal die casting alloy in various applications.

Zinc Die Casting Impact Resistance

Zinc die castings are notable for their excellent impact resistance. This means they can absorb and dissipate energy from impacts effectively. Understanding the impact resistance is vital when selecting materials for parts that need to withstand mechanical shocks and impact. Zinc’s ability to resist deformation and cracking under impact ensures that their designs remain reliable and durable over time.

Tensile Strength of Die Cast Zinc

Die cast zinc alloys exhibit impressive tensile strength, with some alloys reaching up to 54,000 psi. This high tensile strength ensures that die cast zinc parts can withstand significant stress and strain without failing. 

For design engineers, high tensile strength translates to increased durability and reliability of components.

2. Zinc Alloys Offers Superior Dimensional Stability

Zinc alloys cast with a hot chamber die casting process have exceptionally casting fluidity. As a result, zinc is an optimal choice in designs with complex net shapes, thin walls, and dimensional stability. Because zinc is fluid this often minimizes the need for costly secondary machining operations. This desirable aspect of zinc alloys result in a cost effective end product.

Ability of Die Cast Zinc to Produce Thin-Walled Components

Die cast zinc excels in producing parts with thin walls. The high fluidity of molten zinc allows it to fill intricate molds completely, creating parts with walls as thin as 0.3 mm. This capability is especially beneficial for manufacturing lightweight yet strong components.

Dave Magner, Director of Sales and Marketing at Deco Products was interview on Small Business Talks podcast. Dave explains the ability of die cast zinc to product thin-walled components.

“A characteristic of Zinc is it’s very fluid and so when you melt it, the fluidity is quite high. And it melts and it flows like water, where other metals are more syrupy and don’t flow quite as well. You can design really precision features, small thin walls, specific radiuses that are really important to one’s design, for example.” Listen to the full podcast interview: Zinc Die Casting in Manufacturing.

3. Die Cast Zinc Can Be Used in a Wide Range of Applications

Die-cast zinc is well-known for its strength and ductility, allowing for the use in various industrial applications. Zinc is malleable enough to cast into intricate parts, which is ideal for manufacturing. Furthermore, it is resistant to corrosion, making it suitable for outdoor applications. The surface finish of zinc is well suited to many finishing options, such as paint, power coating, or plating.

Die-cast zinc is also non-toxic, making it a great choice for items that come into contact with food or beverages. All these factors make die-cast zinc a highly versatile material.


Die cast zinc parts are strong and durable making zinc a preferred material in various industries. Its high tensile strength and ability to produce thin-walled parts make zinc an ideal choice for many projects and applications.

Advantages of Zinc Die Casting

Choosing the right material for your design is crucial. Let Deco help you make an informed decision with our expertise in zinc die casting. Visit our Zinc Alloys page for more information.
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