Multi-Slide Zinc Die Casting: Precision and Efficiency

In March 2021, Deco Products made a significant move in its history. We expanded our capabilities by acquiring advanced miniature multi-slide zinc die casting equipment from Mumford Metal Casting in South Carolina. This infusion of technology allowed us to grow and offer even better solutions for customer designs.

Mastering the Benefits of Multi-Slide Die Casting

The introduction of multi-slide die casting technology brings numerous advantages that appeal to industries seeking precise components. Let us explore these benefits that multi-slide die casting offers. 

  1. High Speed Production: Multi-slide die casting streamlines production for faster output, reducing lead times and boosting productivity. 
  2. Part to Part Consistency: With minimal cavitation, multi-slide casting ensures consistent part quality, meeting stringent standards. 
  3. Tighter “as cast” tolerances: Tighter tolerances in multi-slide die casting are crucial for industries where small deviations can impact a product’s performance. 
  4. Extended Tool Lifespan: Integrating multi-slide die casting technology leads to longer tool lifespans, reducing operational costs. 
  5. Operational Efficiency: Streamlined machining operations and potential elimination of secondary machining operations improve resource utilization and production efficiency. 
  6. Trim Die Elimination: Multi-slide die casting can eliminate the need for trim dies, streamlining workflows and enhancing overall efficiency. 
  7. Quick Die Change Overs: Quick die changeovers enable rapid transitions between part geometries, highlighting the agility of multi-slide die casting. 

Multi-Slide Die Casting vs. Conventional Hot-Chamber Die Casting

It is essential to distinguish multi-slide die casting from the conventional die casting process. While both involve injecting molten metal into dies, they differ significantly.

Hot chamber conventional die casting, also known as gooseneck casting, uses a molten metal reservoir within the machine, expediting casting by maintaining a continuous flow of metal. However, it’s best suited for materials with lower melting points.

On the other hand, multi-slide die casting, as the name suggests, employs multiple slides to facilitate intricate part geometries and precision, making it ideal for smaller parts with more complex features.

Crafting Excellence: The Ideal Match for Multi-Slide Die Casting

What makes a component suitable for multi-slide die casting? It is a realm where complexity and precision shine.

Components requiring intricate geometries, complex “side” features, and fine details thrive with multi-slide die casting. Think of intricate connectors, delicate housing structures, and detailed brackets – these are the types of parts where multi-slide casting excels.

Multi-Slide Die Casting: A Beacon of Innovation

Deco Products’ integration of miniature, multi-slide zinc die casting equipment marks a transformative phase in our company history. The collaboration of precision and efficiency takes center stage, delivering benefits from speedy production to impeccable aesthetics.

As a proud “Made in USA” zinc die cast manufacturer, Deco Products continues its legacy, offering unparalleled value and top-notch quality to its valued partners and customers.

Picture of Dave Magner

Dave Magner

Dave Magner is the Director of Sales and Marketing and has been with Deco Products since 2015. He has a +20 years of engineering experience in mechanical and electrical testing and design and zinc die casting, plastic injection molding, stamping, assembly, and automation processes.

Elevating Precision and Efficiency in Manufacturing

Deco Products has been a reliable “Made in USA” zinc die cast manufacturer since 1960. Deco Products provides exceptional service and quality products for a multitude of industries. A few services Deco provides are custom precision engineered zinc die-casting, powder coating, assembly, CNC Machining, and DFM-Part Design. Deco has been a stable and reliable supplier to the industry and continuously strives to be the best value for its key partner/customers.

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