Does Zinc Die Cast Rust?

When choosing the right die casting alloy for your next die cast part design, there are many things to consider. These include strength, size and whether the metal will rust. A part cast out of zinc is a popular choice when strength and resistance to corrosion are key factors. When exposed to the environment what happens to zinc? Does zinc die cast rust? 

Does Zinc Rust? 

Zinc is naturally corrosion resistant, of course, you always must look at the environment.

The short answer is that zinc die cast parts will not rust when exposed to air. 

Basically, zinc itself if you leave it outside does not get the same corrosion that you would on a lot of other materials. The chemistry of zinc has little iron in it, if left outside it does not “rust”. Zinc is durable in that essence. 

Zinc alloys are naturally corrosion resistant. Rather zinc alloys can provide some discoloration but will perform better than iron-based metals like steel. Also, finishes applied to zinc add visual appearance and corrosion protection of the part. 

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What is the Corrosion Resistance of Zinc Die Cast? 

When exposed to air, zinc alloys oxidize, forming a protective layer on their surface. Corrosion is always a problem; everything corrodes except gold. While uncommon you could apply gold plating to a zinc die cast. 

It is crucial to note that while zinc alloys may corrode, they do not rust like iron-based metals, including steel. Red rust is a form of corrosion specific to iron-based materials.

Whereas zinc alloys exhibit a different corrosion behavior. This type of corrosion would create a zinc oxide which would tarnish the part or create a white rust. 

Finishes Applied to Resistance Rust 

Surface finishes enhance the visual appeal of a zinc die cast part and functional purposes. These coatings serve as a barrier against moisture and oxygen, improving the corrosion resistance of zinc die cast components. 

Manufacturers apply functional finishes to zinc castings to enhance performance, especially for parts exposed to harsh environments. These coatings, like paint, powder coat, or plating, help the part resist rust. They also enhance the long-term appearance of the zinc surface finish, addressing concerns about whether zinc does rust. 

These enhancements include increased hardness, resistance to tarnish, and UV damage. Notably, they also enhance corrosion resistance, answering the question: does zinc die cast rust? 

Zinc Die Casting: A Smart Choice 

Zinc die casting is a smart choice for manufacturers seeking both durability and economic efficiency in their materials. Parts cast in zinc are not only strong and durable but offer significant cost advantages over other metals. 

For projects that demand materials which are both reliable and designed to last, zinc is an excellent choice.

Its inherent properties ensure that components made from zinc die casting hold up under rigorous use and adverse conditions. 

Choosing zinc can lead to product performance, reinforcing its status as a smart investment for both quality and cost. 


Zinc die cast parts offer excellent corrosion resistance. They stand out for durability and cost-efficiency. 

“Does Zinc Die Cast Rust?” Zinc does not traditionally rust like iron-based metals such as steel. Instead, it forms a protective zinc oxide layer. This layer prevents typical red rust and keeps the part’s structural integrity. 

This characteristic makes zinc die casting a robust choice for reliable, long-lasting parts. By choosing zinc, you leverage its benefits and invest in a material known for performance and value. 

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