Meet Michala Hackman: Quality Engineer at Deco Products

Michala Hackman joined Deco Products as a quality engineer in September 2020. While in high school Project Lead the Way classes inspired her to pursue a career in engineering. During college she completed two internships at two different manufacturing plants and enjoyed those opportunities. After her experiences as an intern in a manufacturing plant Michala knew she wanted a career in manufacturing. 

Why She Wanted to Make Decorah her Permanent Home 

Originally from River Falls, Wisconsin, Michala pursued her Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at North Dakota State University, graduating in May 2020.

Her decision to join Deco was driven by a desire to work in manufacturing and live in Decorah, Iowa. Michala spent many summers visiting family in NE Iowa and has always wanted to make Decorah her permanent home. 

Michala Expands on Why She Wanted a Career in Manufacturing 

From her internships, Michala found manufacturing fun, that’s especially true with zinc die casting. At Deco Products we make thousands of products. In manufacturing, there is a lot of innovation happening. 

“I enjoyed the manufacturing process and wanted to do some engineering job at a manufacturer.” said Michala.

Manufacturing plants have lots of different personalities and people to talk with every day. 

What Do You Enjoy Most About What You Do at Deco Products? 

Michala enjoys the critical thinking and problem-solving, that comes from working for a zinc manufacturer. She appreciates the diversity of challenges presented by working with thousands of different product lines across various industries. This variety keeps it interesting as no two days are the same. 

Any Advice You Found Helpful in Your Career at Deco Products? 

The advice that I received early on in my career at Deco Products is to always ask questions. Michala continues, stating that there are no stupid questions; asking questions gets everyone’s thinking. Furthermore, innovation and different ideas come up with asking different questions. 

Michala, Tells Us About Your Role at Deco Products 

At Deco Products, my job title is quality engineer. I work with customers with any quality concerns that they may have. 

In addition, I work on part approvals with customers on any new products. Or if they’re doing replacement tooling or any modifications to the tooling. I’ll work through that process sending samples and all the part approval paperwork that our customer may require. 

Because we are ISO 9001-2015 certified, Michala is in charge of our quality management system. Which means she is maintaining our conformance by performing internal audits. As well as any procedures and documented information that relates to ISO. Michala also service as the point of contact for our customers.  

In Conclusion 

Since 2020, Michala has proven to be a value asset to the Deco Product quality team. Michala work as a quality engineer is central to Deco Products’ commitment to excellence. Michala ensures that Deco adheres to ISO 9001-2015 standards and manages customer relationships regarding product quality and specifications. 

Michala enjoys the critical thinking and problem solving that she gets to do every day at Deco Products. We have thousands of different product lines in different industries. This variety keeps everything interesting, and no two days are the same. Thank you Michala for providing your valuable insight into working at Deco Products. 

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Michele Duwe

Michele Duwe is the Sales and Marketing Manager with Deco Products. She has eight plus years as a digital marketing manager and over a decade of sales and marketing experience.

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