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Meet Kyle Gilberg, the materials manager at Deco Products, a zinc die cast company located in Decorah, Iowa. Born and raised in the Twin Cities in Minnesota, Kyle attended Luther College which is what brought him to Decorah. 

In his role as materials manager, Kyle enjoys the varied nature of tasks that come his way each day. Kyle began at Deco Products five years ago analyzing supply chains. He has since moved into the materials manager role showcasing his dedication and growth within the company. 

Kyle values the importance of reaching win-win solutions in business. A philosophy instilled by his mentors at Deco. This approach cultivates positive relationships within the company and ensures long-term success for all parties involved.  

What sets Deco apart for Kyle is the supportive and welcoming atmosphere of his coworkers. The Deco Team loves to support personal growth and development.

Kyle’s story at Deco demonstrates the power of finding a workplace that values one’s skills, recognizes contributions, and fosters a sense of community.  

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[00:00:05.300] – Kyle Gilberg 
My name is Kyle Gilberg, and I’m the materials manager here at DECO. I was born and raised in the Twin Cities, up in Minnesota, and I went to college here in town in Decorah at Luther College, and I’ve been with DECO for about five years now. I joined Deco because I got an opportunity to stay in Decorah, and I love the area, and it seemed like an interesting company that I could contribute to and have an to grow here in a career. I think my favorite part of the job is the varied nature of it. I’m not doing the same thing every day, so I appreciate the fact that I can be doing different things throughout the day and day to day and really actually contribute in a very meaningful way to what Deco is doing. I started as a supply chain analyst in the materials department, and then after about two and a half years in that role, I moved up to the materials manager. I think that Doug, our Chief Strategy Officer, said before is, when you’re in business, you want to have a win-win or no deal. So if you’re coming to an agreement with somebody, whether that’s somebody internally at the company or somebody outside of the company, you want both sides to come to an agreement because if somebody doesn’t like the deal or the solution that you came up with it long term, it might not work out. 
[00:01:23.380] – Kyle Gilberg 
So if both sides are in agreement about what’s the best plan for it, then it’s a much better chance for it to work out for everybody. We should work at Deco because there’s great people here, I think. It’s a great atmosphere to come to work to every day, and people love to support you in your individual journey at Deco. 

What Does a Materials Manager Do?  

A materials manager in a zinc die cast manufacturer is responsible for overseeing the entire materials management process. This includes procurement of raw materials, sourcing, inventory control, and logistics planning.  

The goal is to ensure that all materials needed for production are available at the right time and in the right quantity, to avoid any disruptions in manufacturing.

This role is critical because any delay in the availability of materials can lead to production downtime.

Therefore, affecting the overall efficiency and profitability of the company. Ultimately affecting our customers. 

Who Would Be Great for This Role? 

Key Qualities and Experience 

An ideal candidate for the materials manager role in manufacturing is self-motivated, independent and a natural problem solver. They are natural problem solvers, proactive, and driven by solving open-ended problems.

Seamlessly balancing strategic thinking with practical execution to maintain supply chain operations. 

Customer Centric Approach 

At Deco Products, the materials manager focuses on achieving the best outcomes for our customers. By keeping costs down and ensuring a robust supply chain, our material manager helps maintain long-term cost efficiency for our strategic customers.  


The role of a materials manager is indispensable in the zinc die casting industry. The ability to proactively look for open-ended solutions to managing both the supply chain and customer costs.  
By balancing these responsibilities, materials managers like Kyle Gilberg ensure that the company not only meets but exceeds customer expectations, enabling growth and sustaining long-term success. 

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Michele Duwe is the Sales and Marketing Manager with Deco Products. She has eight plus years as a digital marketing manager and over a decade of sales and marketing experience.

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