Thanksgiving Cheers: Honoring Our Zinc Die Casting Employees

At Deco Products, we believe that our zinc die casting employees are our greatest asset. We understand the importance of their hard work and dedication in driving the success of our company. Striving for excellence in die casting, we recognize the essential role employees play in our success. Their commitment is crucial, and during Thanksgiving, we express appreciation by giving turkeys to all our employees. 

Zinc Die Casting Employee Appreciation Days

We do not reserve our appreciation only for the holiday season. Throughout the year, Deco recognizes the efforts of our employees with frequent appreciation days. Many of these appreciation days include a delicious meal or other snacks or other fun activities. When your company originates from the heartland, expressing appreciation with food says it all.

2023 Employee Turkey Distribution | Fareway Young Turkeys | Zinc Die Cast Employee Appreciation

A Few Ways We Celebrate Our Team

  • Any local from Decorah, IA knows the best way to say thank you to your team is with fresh, warm Ronnie’s cinnamon rolls. These are a favorite for Deco Employee Appreciations Days.
  • How did you celebrate National Pi Day? At Deco, it is with freshly baked apple pies! What a fantastic way to give a nod of thanks to our zinc casting employees.
  • All three shifts can enjoy the excellence of Cheesesteak Sandwiches. No need to bring a packed lunch on these appreciation days.
  • In July, we treat our team to an outdoor barbeque with burgers, hot dogs and all the fixings.
  • At Deco, we appreciate the convenience of a tasty food truck. Food trucks provide an assortment of refreshments, including ice cream, smoothies, nachos, and milkshakes. Feel free to step into the parking lot during a break for a quick and enjoyable snack. Because a little shake-up never hurt anyone!
  • Deco’s zinc die casting employees tap along to the beat of the music as we host a band at the local brewery.
  • Our workplace turned into a carnival of fun during the Family and Friends Open House. From the tranquility of massage chair to the creative activity of pumpkin painting. A day brimming with laughter and Deco tours of our facilities for family and friends.
  • In a gesture of gratitude towards our dedicated employees, Deco Products hosts a Taco Bar Fiesta during appreciation days.
  • To round out the year, we spread appreciation with whole turkeys for Thanksgiving and hams for the holiday season. Saying “thank you” with delicious traditional holiday meat for our employees’ tables.

In summary

At Deco Products, our gratitude for our zinc die casting employees is a year-round commitment. Beyond traditional holidays, our appreciation days highlight the value we place on their dedication.

From the flavorful Cheesesteak Sandwiches to the vibrant Taco Bar Fiesta, each event is a heartfelt “thank you.” As we indulge in warm cinnamon rolls, freshly baked pies, and holiday meats, we extend our sincere appreciation.

If you are seeking a workplace that values and celebrates its team, consider doing business with Deco. Or explore career opportunities with us. Join us in the celebration of excellence!

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