Environmentally Friendly Zinc Die Casting

Deco Products strives to practice environmentally friendly zinc die casting techniques through all our operations and processes. Zinc is one of the most sustainable and energy friendly manufacturing metals because of its low melting temperature and ability to be 100% recyclable.

In the case of zinc die casting, the cost-effective advantages also lead to advantages in environmental protection and sustainability. Deco fully supports the principles of promoting sustainability and good environmentally friendly zinc die casting practices through:

• Reducing pollution, emissions and waste.
• Minimizing the use of raw materials, energy and supplies.
• Including environmental impact as we choose suppliers.
• Assisting customers in making environmentally beneficial choices.
• Encouraging customers to use returnable packaging when applicable.
• Working with the local community.
• Reducing the impact of transportation.
• Recycling packaging when possible.
• Reclaiming lost heat as possible.
• Reducing the use of chemicals.
• Choosing sustainably produced packaging and shipping material.

All the practices mentioned above are supported by our leaders and owners, and can be found on our Environmental Impact & Community Support page. Deco Products has been a reliable “Made in USA” zinc die casting manufacturer since 1960. Deco Products provides exceptional service and quality products for a multitude of industries. A few services Deco Products provides are custom precision engineered zinc die-casting, powder coating, assembly, CNC Machining, and DFM-Part Design. Deco has been a stable and reliable supplier to the industry and continuously strives for being the best value for its key partner/customers.

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