Engineer Perspective on Zinc Alloy Die Caster

Zinc Alloy Bars

Deco Products has been a trusted zinc alloy die caster since 1960 providing exceptional products for all its customers. Zinc has a number of different alloys including Zamak 5, ZA – 8, Zamak 2, and EZAC. These specific alloys listed are used at Deco Products for a multitude of part designs.   Different zinc alloys […]

Customer Collaboration on Zinc Part Design

Zinc Part Design

Deco Products has an immense amount of experience with zinc part design and knows how to transform any part to be more manufacturable and at a lower cost. By being involved with our customer’s projects early on, our engineers are able to avoid the process falling into a manufacturing pitfall and unnecessary costs when the […]

Advantages of Zinc In Your Design

Zinc Die Cast Sash Lock Housing

There are many advantages of zinc that can improve your part design. Zinc is a very cost effective material and allows for the consolidation of parts. The material zinc is more dense than aluminum creating a good heavy duty product. A product with a little weight is more desirable to hold and feel in many […]

Cost Effective Advantages of Zinc

cost effective advantages of zinc

There are several cost effective advantages of zinc. Many advances in technology have allowed Deco Products to provide innovative, lighter weight, longer lasting, and more cost effective products in several key areas. These benefits often exceed those of cast aluminum, plastics, bronze, and most cast irons.   With a variety of zinc alloys to choose […]

Zinc Material Advantages

zinc material advantage

The ability to create a casting from zinc is the first of many zinc material advantages we focus on at Deco Products. Why is zinc a great alloy for your design? A zinc material advantage is zinc can create a lot of different features that cannot be done with other materials. When zinc is melted […]

NADCA Collaborative Engineering Reduces Costs, Improves Production Efficiency

NADCA or North American Die Casting Association logo - Collaborative Engineering

Please see the following linked article that exemplifies Deco Products emphasis for collaborative engineering, from NADCA (North American Die Casting Association).   Intrinsic to Deco’s value proposition is our commitment for Engineering Partnerships.  This is key for mutually successful projects, to promote lower development and piece price cost, and a ultimately long-term WIN-WIN relationships.  Collaborative engineering […]

Tooling Transfer Projects at Deco Products

Deco Products Zinc Die Casting Launder Line - Tooling Transfer

Deco Products has systems, equipment, and operational  & engineering experts to ensure stress-free and expedited tooling transfer projects. At Deco products we pride ourselves in our adaptability to take on new projects with existing designs quickly and efficiently.  Deco conducts business with debt-free practices which allows us to maintain stability in both calm and challenging […]

Deco Products: Culture and Hiring Process on Camera

Image for Deco's Culture Video

Deco Products continuously wants to share our culture philosophy to existing employee expert and new prospective future experts! Please check our latest video about Deco’s Culture and Hiring Process. At Deco Products we believe that by combining the strengths and abilities of all our teams, there is no problem we cannot solve. Deco prides itself […]

Die Casting News

Deco Products Die Casting News

Deco Products provides newsletters quarterly to show employees, customers, and the community what is going on at Deco Products. Deco is always working to continuously improve and expand business with customers by means of technology and our expert zinc die casting staff. Below are our current and past Deco Products e-newsletter. Expect the next newsletter […]

Deco Products Statement of Stability on Coronavirus

Statement of Stability on Covid-19

Deco Products supplies a statement of stability due to the novel coronavirus. Deco continues to monitor developments with the Covid-19 pandemic, and is working diligently to ensure safety and prevention practices are taking place. Health and safety of Deco’s employees is the number one concern. It is important that Deco Products continues to operate to […]