Meet The Deco Team – Nick Murphy

Meet Nick Murphy!

Formerly known for working in Continuous Improvement, Nick now holds a front office as the HR Recruiter. He was born and raised in Waukon, Iowa, and moved to Decorah 7 years ago. He graduated from Waukon High School and attended Kirkwood Community College. He has been with Deco for 2 years and is now in month 2 of working as the HR Recruiter.


  • Why did you initially join Deco 2 years ago?”
    • “I was looking for a job at the time, and a position in the Continuous Improvement department opened up. I’ve stayed at Deco because of the environment. The people here are good, management is always very hands-on, and it is run like a true company.”
  • What do you enjoy most about working at Deco?
    • “I really enjoy talking to people, and being a key component in filling company needs.”
  • What was your first job that you held at Deco, and what have you held since then?
    • “The first job I held at Deco was in the Continuous Improvement department as a C.I Specialist, and now, I am the HR Recruiter, who is responsible for hiring and managing employees.”
  • What advice have you found the most helpful during your time at Deco?
    • “Well obviously I think our automation(robots) are pretty exciting, but also getting to build a maintenance team and a culture of collaboration and growth within the team. Also, the continued opportunity to solve new and challenging problems that keep us on our toes.”
  • What do you think is the most exciting development at Deco?
    • “I think the robots are pretty exciting, shows a lot of company growth, and its been fun to see all the new technology out in the plant.”
  • What is a fun fact that most people wouldn’t know about you?
    • “I am a pretty avid basketball fan, I love to watch my son play, oh, and also, I will always choose to root for the Hawkeyes over the Cyclones.”

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