Deco Products: New Addition to Allegiance Flag Supply American Supply Chain

Allegiance Flag Supply is a great example of a new company delivering American-made products. Deco Products is honored to support this beginning-to-end American supply chain effort.

Our zinc die casting is found in the non-tangle flagpole spinners that allow the flag to move in the breeze without wrapping around the flagpole. These spinners address a common issue with household flags, and we are pleased to help support Allegiance Flag Supply’s efforts to develop and scale production on this new product.

Deco Products: New Addition to Allegiance Flag Supply America Supply Chain

Allegiance Flag Supply 

Allegiance Flag Supply was founded by Max Berry, Katie and Wes Lyons in 2018 as a side hustle. It was the buying frenzy of the pandemic that allowed them to leave their jobs and pursue Allegiance Flag Supply full-time.  

They began this business out of need because they could not find what they were looking for. A high-quality American flag that was Made in America that would last longer than anything else they could find on the market. 

It is incredibly important to them that their flags and accessories are Made in America. They are American Made from beginning to end. There is so much pride around making this product. 

Visit Allegiance Flag Supply to read their inspiring story. 

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At Deco, our Engineering Staff excels in both new tooling designs and tooling transfer projects, boasting a wealth of experience. Our engineers seamlessly collaborate with your own engineering team to determine the optimal use of zinc alloy materials in your tool design.
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Michele Duwe is the Sales and Marketing Manager with Deco Products. She has eight plus years as a digital marketing manager and over a decade of sales and marketing experience.

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