Die Casting Metals: Advantages of Zinc Alloys

Zinc alloys stand out as a top choice for die casting metals. This is due to their exceptional physical and mechanical properties, cost-effectiveness, and high recyclability. With over six decades of experience, Deco Products understands the numerous advantages that zinc alloys offer for die casting applications.

Strength and Durability:

Zinc alloys possess high strength and hardness, making them ideal for manufacturing complex and precise metal components that also need to be durable.
Zinc alloys demonstrate higher rigidity than plastic or aluminum making them an excellent alternative when parts with increased impact strength are needed.  As such, their superior die casting properties make zinc alloys the preferred choice for die casting at Deco Products.

Thermal and Electrical Conductivity:

The high thermal and electrical conductivity of zinc alloys makes them highly suitable for electronic devices and heat dissipation applications. Connectors, switches, sensors, and heat sinks often incorporate zinc alloys due to their excellent performance in these areas.

Dimensional Accuracy and Stability:

Zinc alloys offer exceptional dimensional accuracy and stability. With their low melting points and high fluidity, these alloys can effortlessly fill thin walls and intricate shapes. This results in minimal defects and shrinkage.
Zinc alloys can create fine details such as logos, text, or patterns on the surface of components. Furthermore, they exhibit excellent finishing characteristics, including smooth surfaces, corrosion resistance, and aesthetic appeal.
These alloys offer the flexibility of being plated, painted, polished, or coated with various materials to enhance their appearance and functionality. This enables a wide range of options in terms of colors, textures, and effects such as matte, glossy, or antique finishes.
Lastly, zinc die casting enables the creation of thin walls and ensures outstanding surface smoothness. This simplifies the preparation process for plating and painting.

Environmental Sustainability:

An added advantage of zinc alloys is their environmental friendliness and full recyclability. Zinc is a naturally occurring element abundantly found in the Earth’s crust and can be easily recovered from various sources. Zinc alloys can be reused without compromising their quality or performance. By recycling zinc alloys, energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced, while also saving raw material costs.
If you are interested in learning about The Role of Zinc Die Casting in Sustainable Manufacturing, we invite to you to read this post: https://decoprod.com/materials/zinc-sustainable-manufacturing/

Types of Zinc Alloys for Die Casting Metals:

There are several types of zinc alloys commonly used in die casting, each with its own unique characteristics and advantages. Here are some examples:

    • Zamak 2 (Zinc Alloy 2): The highest strength and hardness within the Zamak family. It is about 25% stronger as cast than Zamak 3 and 10% stronger than Zamak 5 with higher hardness than both.
    • Zamak 3 (Zinc Alloy 3): The most widely used zinc alloy in North America and at Deco Products. Zamak 3 is regarded for its good mechanical properties and castability.
    • Zamak 5 (Zinc Alloy 5): Is widely recognized as the predominant zinc alloy in the European market. Zinc Alloy 5 offers higher strength, hardness, and better creep resistance than Zamak 3.
    • Zamak 7 (Zinc Alloy 7): A modified version of Zamak 3 with lower magnesium content and tighter impurity specifications. It boasts improved casting fluidity, ductility, and surface finish.
    • ZA 8 (ZA-8 or Zinc Aluminum Alloy 8): A zinc aluminum alloy with higher aluminum content than the Zamak group, providing increased strength, hardness, and improved creep resistance.
    • EZAC (Zinc Aluminum Copper Alloy): A zinc aluminum copper alloy known for its high strength, hardness, and creep resistance.
      • It is the latest development in commercially available zinc die casting alloys. Research indicates that EZAC™ demonstrates superior creep resistance compared to ZAMAK 5 and ZA-8, with over ten times improvement. Additionally, EZAC™ boasts a strong yield strength (57 ksi) and hardness (102-134 brinell), similar to ZA-27.
      • EZAC™ can be cast using a hot chamber die casting machine because of its low melting temperature. Additionally, it experiences less wear and tear when compared to ACuZinc®5.

Choose Zinc Alloys: Versatile, Cost-effective Die Casting Metals for Superior Metal Components

In conclusion, zinc alloys excel as versatile and cost-effective die casting metals, providing numerous advantages for various applications.

Zinc alloys possess exceptional properties like strength, thermal conductivity, and dimensional accuracy. They are a preferred choice for manufacturing durable and intricate metal components. If you need a reliable zinc die casting manufacturer, contact us today for a quote. Benefit from our expertise in delivering high-quality, tailored zinc die castings.

You have questions we have answers!

Zinc alloys offer versatility and cost-effectiveness as die casting metals, presenting numerous advantages for a wide range of applications. If you are seeking a reliable and experienced zinc die casting manufacturer, reach out to us today to so that we can help design your project.
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Michele Duwe

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