Meet The Deco Team – Jason Madison

Meet Jason Madison! Jason is a Quality Manager here at DECO products. Jason was born in Northwest Indiana, in the Chicago area. He graduated from Highland High and attended Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. He joined DECO after graduating, and through his 15 years at DECO, has worked as an associate engineer, to an associate process engineer, Manager of Process Engineering, and as of 1 year ago, a Quality Manager.  


  • Why did you join DECO? 
    • “I desperately needed a job, and DECO has not given me a reason to leave yet, so I have stuck around.” 
  • What do you enjoy most about what you do? 
    • “I enjoy the challenges I face each day in this job. And I also enjoy how my position has influence in company operations and how we can keep our customers satisfied with the quality of their products.” 
  • What advice has been especially helpful during you time at DECO? 
    • “The advice that I have found most helpful has been to focus on the end goal and not the details, with the end goal being a satisfied customer.” 
  • What developments at DECO do you think are the most exciting? 
    • “The most exciting recent developments are the addition of a few big, stable customers. I think it really show how much growth DECO has had in the past 15 years since I joined, and it shows our long-term growth and continued sophistication as a company.” 
  • Anything else you would like to say? 
    • “Something that I have personally witnessed during my time at DECO has been that management really cares about their employees. They are constantly doing small and big things to show their appreciation, and it really inspires me as a manager to do the same.” 


Die Casting Quality Control

Visit our Die Casting Quality Control page to learn more about Deco's Quality Management System (QMS).

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