Zinc Die Cast Products

Zinc die cast products are found in a variety of the everyday consumer products that surround us, many of which we are not aware of. But as a designer or even an end-user you can appreciate the subtle and not so subtle advantages that zinc die castings can provide.

Here at Deco Products, our deliverables start with quality zinc die cast parts. Then we add value for their specific functional requirements. These secondary processes can include the following:

Machining of Zinc Die Cast

Finishing, Powder Coating Zinc Die Cast

Zinc Die Cast FFV Body with Runner and Sprue

Finishing, Plating Zinc Die Cast

Assembly or Kitting of Zinc Die Cast

Benefits of Zinc Products

Often you are faced with choices in terms of which materials you can select when designing your parts.  At times you may consider cast aluminum, cast brass/bronze or even plastic parts.  Admittedly, zinc may not be the right material for every project, but here are some considerations:

  • Although aluminum is lighter than zinc, zinc has a lower melting point allowing the manufacturing process to be much quicker, more energy efficient and yields lower production costs.  Zinc also allows for much greater precision and gives an end-product with considerably higher strength.
  • Brass and or bronze are much more costly than zinc.  In addition, they often require machining, adding to the cost, whereas zinc often can be die-cast into finished form or net shape. 
  • Compared to plastic, zinc will yield a product with much higher strength.  This allows zinc parts to both last longer and cope with rougher handling.  Also, zinc provides an effective screen for electromagnetic radiation and is also 100% recyclable, whereas plastic is neither.

Deco Advantage

Deco Products is the largest stand-alone dedicated zinc die caster in North America with 86 die cast machines. We have been prominent in zinc die casting since 1960 with proven processes and expertise!  We have the capacity to supply you with quality parts for the entire life-cycle of your products and the financial backing to expand with your business.

Additionally, our experience and expertise speak volumes for what we provide to our existing customer base in terms of engineering-design support and innovation.   We die cast products competitively and provide outstanding quality, on-time delivery, and friendly comfortable customer service as well as engineering collaboration.

Our customer base is diverse in size and industry, but we cherish each of the unique partnerships.   Some relationships start with a single new tool or some have shifted to us through a seamless easy tool transfer program.   We can help manage and support you during transitions or as new projects are developed.  The ultimate successful result has been a partnership that has provided mutual profitable growth over many years.

Call or email us today and learn how working with zinc die casting experts will save you time and money!

Zinc Die Cast Foot Latch
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