Window & Door Hardware

Deco has a long history of producing Window & Door access hardware products. We have offerings designed for specific customers as well as our own catalog of products. Our extensive experience in this industry means we have expertise in design and the manufacture to not only provide quality parts, but also components and systems that are optimal for specific applications. 

We provide a host of products some of the key components include sash locks, keepers, tilt latches, door handles, window/vent operators, structural corner keys, and other specialized systems.   These products have many versions for various mounting configurations, functions, and aesthetics.   They are historically proven to fit traditional applications, but our engineering team can be consulted for new and/or custom innovative designs.   

Zinc Die Cast Powder Coated Sash Lock for Window

Zinc Die Casting

Precision engineered zinc die casting easily facilitates the production of these complex-shaped components for the Window and Door industry.  Die castings provide high strength, but also can meet tight tolerances and can be produced economically.  Zinc castings can be assembled with many low cost methods, and the resulting assemblies operate smoothly and can be used for structural or decorative components.        

Why Zinc is Best

Zinc is a perfect material for highly scrutinized door and window hardware as it provides an optimal substrate for decorative finishes.   Zinc provides a smooth surface that adheres well to paints, powder coats, and plated finishes.  Furthermore, zinc alloys offer durability, strength, and security in function, but also high perception of quality that resonates with all end-users.   

Call or email us today and learn how working with zinc die casting experts will save you time and money!

Zinc Die Cast Brass Plated Exterior Window Handle
Zinc Die Cast Powder Coated Sash Lock for Window
Zinc Die Cast Sash Lock for Windows