The Benefits of Thermal Imaging for Die Casting Companies

Thermal Imaging: An Essential Tool for Die Casting Companies 

Maintaining precise control over thermal factors in die casting molds is crucial for consistently producing high-quality parts. However, achieving this control can be challenging due to variations in part design and production systems. By closely monitoring and analyzing temperature within the die cast mold, it is possible to enhance part quality and extend the lifespan of the tools. To facilitate this process, thermal imaging cameras are invaluable tools that enable the monitoring of tool temperatures and the detection of thermal variations occurring within the die during tool usage. 

The Advantages of Thermal Imaging for Die Casting Companies 

At Deco Products, a leading die-casting company, we take great pride in employing cutting-edge thermal imaging technology. These cameras enhance temperature monitoring and assist in maintaining optimal control over the die casting processes. Through the information provided by thermal imaging, we gain insights into both absolute and relative temperature data, enabling us to identify areas with higher or lower heat distribution within the tools. 
By utilizing this technology, we significantly improve the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the thermal profile of our tools—a critical factor in consistently casting high-production parts. 

Enhancing Die Casting Process Control 

By incorporating thermal imaging, we achieve more consistent production runs and establish superior control over the die casting process, resulting in improved part quality, reduced scrap, and prolonged tool life. 
Furthermore, thermal imaging allows us to validate mold flow simulation analysis, as well as facilitate the development and control of die lubrication and spray throughout the die casting process. 

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Dave Magner

Dave Magner

Dave Magner is the Director of Sales and Marketing and has been with Deco Products since 2015. He has a +20 years of engineering experience in mechanical and electrical testing and design and zinc die casting, plastic injection molding, stamping, assembly, and automation processes.

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