Why Zinc is Great for Die Casting

Zinc die casting is a commonly used metalworking process that has been around for centuries. It is used to create metal components of all shapes and sizes, and many applications from large, complex components for structural designs, but also smaller intricate parts for consumer products. Zinc is an ideal metal for die casting because of its strength and resistance to corrosion and low melting point and fluidity. At Deco, we know zinc and why zinc alloys are such a great option for die casting.

In addition to being a strong and cost-effective choice for die casting, zinc also has many other advantages that make it a great choice for a wide range of applications. In this blog post, we’ll explore the many benefits of zinc die casting, including its strength, durability, and cost-effectiveness.

1. Zinc is highly corrosion resistant and offers mechanical strength

Zinc has been used for centuries in die casting and continues to be a popular choice due to its many beneficial properties. One of the most notable is its strength and corrosion resistance. Zinc is stronger, stiffer, and more stable than plastics and other non-ferrous metals. It is highly corrosion resistant and doesn’t degrade with “rust” as it corrodes, making it an ideal choice for die casting applications. Furthermore, za alloys provide a good substrate to apply various finishes, such as a powder coating or plating.

How Zinc is a Good Corrosion Resistant Metal

2. Zinc has high casting fluidity and can be poured into complex shapes

Zinc is an ideal material to use in die casting due to its various properties. In the hot chamber die casting process, it is very fluid meaning it can be poured into complex net shapes, even thin walls. As such, generally designs can have tight tolerances and there is very little machining that is necessary for zinc die casting.

This makes it an ideal material for die casting, as the intricate details of a design can be reproduced without needing to be molded or worked out. The near net shape can be obtained during the zinc die casting process.

3. Zinc die castings are cost-effective, especially for long cycle parts

Zinc die casting components are also relatively easy to manufacture, making them a great choice for cost-effective production. Zinc die castings are cost-effective with high cycle rates and a longer tool life, making them a great option for long life cycle die casting alloy parts.

In conclusion, zinc is an excellent material for die casting. It is strong, fluid, and cost effective, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. Zinc provides a cost-effective solution for most die casting needs, and its properties make it an excellent choice for a variety of products.

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