Zinc Die Casting Lunch and Learn with Deco Products

At Deco Products, our goal is to help our customers design great castings with zinc. A key component to this is hosting a “Lunch and Learn” either virtually or onsite at our customer’s locations. We provide our customers with information about Deco, our capabilities and nurturing collaboration with zinc casting designs. 

Designing Great Parts Out of Zinc 

Our engineers have over 400 cumulative years of experience with zinc casting designs. We understand what makes an optimal part in zinc die casting. We use that knowledge to help our customers design the best part for its fit, function and cost.

Nurturing Collaboration with Zinc Casting Designs | Schedule a virtual lunch and learn session with Deco Products to discover zinc die casting.

Nurturing Collaboration with Zinc Casting Designs

Our expert support and advice can be conducted with a call or video conference, but we can also plan an on-site visit to support a larger audience. 

We understand that all are busy, so when onsite, we can even bring in food to have a “Lunch and Learn” where one can multitask. 

To have a great opportunity to learn what zinc die casting at Deco Products is all about while also getting some nourishment.  

The agenda includes: 

Highlight of Deco Products: 

Introducing our company, its mission, and our commitment to delivering solutions to our strategic customers. 

Overview of the Various Markets Deco Products Serves:  

Understanding the diverse industries, we serve as a precision zinc die castings company. 

Deco Products Overview: 

A detailed look at our company, facilities, and capabilities. 

Our Die Casting Machines: 

Insight into our custom-designed hot chambered machines, ensuring competitive pricing. 

Die Casting Zinc: 

A look at die casting zinc all the benefits this material has to offer when casting parts. 

Various Tooling Used in Die Casting: 

Understanding the various tools to the die casting process. 

About the Different Zinc Alloys: 

Insight into the range of zinc alloys utilized in our casting processes. 

A Deep Dive into Advantages of Zinc Die Casting: 

Exploring the unique benefits and advantages of choosing zinc for die casting. 

Nurturing Collaboration with Zinc Casting Designs Case Study: 

Real-world examples highlighting successful collaborations and outcomes we have had with other customer collaborations. 

Flow Simulation: 

Exploring the importance of flow simulation to the design process of the casting process. 

How Deco Products Can Help with Your Next Zinc Part: 

Highlighting our commitment to customer success and how we can assist in your zinc die casting projects. 

In Conclusion   

Our long-term success at Deco Products depends upon our full-service custom zinc die cast process. We offer educational sessions to help design the zinc die castings for our strategic customers. 
We are nurturing collaboration with zinc casting designs through either virtual or onsite “Lunch and Learn”. These events are an opportunity for our customers to gain insight into zinc die casting. At Deco Products, these events open the door to positive communication in part design. 

Deco Products has been a “Made in USA” zinc die casting manufacturer since 1960. Deco Products provides exceptional service and quality products for a multitude of industries. A few services Deco Products provides are custom precision engineered zinc die casting, powder coating, assembly, CNC Machining, and DFM-Part Design. Deco has been a stable and reliable supplier to the industry and continuously strives for being the best value for its key partner/customers.

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Michele Duwe

Michele Duwe is the Sales and Marketing Manager with Deco Products. She has eight plus years as a digital marketing manager and over a decade of sales and marketing experience.

Zinc Die Casting Company

Deco Products has been a trusted full service custom zinc die caster for 60 years. We offer precision zinc die castings for customers in the USA and internationally. Our prices are competitive because of our custom designed hot chambered machines. Deco Products prides itself as being the largest stand-alone zinc dedicated die caster in North America. We will continue to stay "Made in the U.S.A.", and grow our business through a commitment of excellence and dedication of success to our customers.

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