Deco Products Wins North America Zinc Diecasting Award 2023

Deco Products Wins North America Zinc Diecasting Award 2023 
We are thrilled to announce that Deco Products has been selected as a winner of the prestigious Internal Zinc Association (IZA) Diecasting Award at the 2023 IZA conference in Chicago IL on June 7. 
Deco Products Engineering team was recognized for its innovative design and manufacturing collaboration with its customer on the Approach Post Foot Project. This achievement highlights our commitment to engineering support for the best short and long term value of the project and further attention to detail important to the end user experience.  
The Approach Post Foot: 
The Approach Post Foot, is a key component in office storage units where strength and aesthetics are important.  The foot was designed with this in mind, but also to minimize cost.  As such, many features were designed into the part to consolidate multiple parts and minimize secondary operations, resulting in immediate and long-term cost savings.  

Other inputs from the Deco Products Engineering Team:

Structural, Casting, and Molding Requirements:

Jim Myers, Deco Products Senior Design Engineer, explains, “The Approach Post Foot required a robust structure to fulfill its intended purpose. Additionally, achieving a decorative finish on the main show surface, particularly the column portion of the casting, was critical. We meticulously engineered the casting design to ensure adequate strength while reducing costs.”

Successful Zinc Diecasting Iterations, Flow Simulations and Verification:

Jacob Stoll, Engineering Project Manager, stated, “Working closely with our customer, we identified and resolved several challenges associated with the existing weldment design. Our team made significant modifications to the flange geometry and internal core, which allowed for vertical gating along the column. This alteration eliminated air entrapment and entrainment, improved flow direction, and enhanced the overall surface finish.”

Jacob Stoll, continues, “To guarantee the effectiveness of our gating and overflow system, we conducted comprehensive flow simulations throughout the part and tooling design process. These simulations validated the design changes, ensuring optimal flow direction and an impeccable surface finish throughout the casting.”

Incredible Potential of Zinc Diecasting:

Winning the 2023 IZA Diecasting Award in the International Zinc Diecasting Competition is a testament to Deco Products’ dedication to excellence, innovation, and customer-centric solutions.

Deco Products design perspective to the Approach Post Foot Project showcases the incredible potential of zinc diecasting, combining superior strength, impeccable aesthetics, and cost-effective manufacturing processes. We are proud to be recognized for our achievements. Deco Products will continue to push the boundaries of zinc diecasting technology in the years to come.

At Deco Products, we remain committed to delivering high-quality diecast parts that exceed expectations and drive industry standards forward.

NADCA Die Casting Competition

Deco Products was recognized in the 2022 NADCA Die Casting Competition. Recognition is held on September 13th-15th in Lexington, KY.
Dave Magner

Dave Magner

Dave Magner is the Director of Sales and Marketing and has been with Deco Products since 2015. He has a +20 years of engineering experience in mechanical and electrical testing and design and zinc die casting, plastic injection molding, stamping, assembly, and automation processes.

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