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Zinc Die Casting Manufacturer

Choosing the right material and process for your parts will impact the products you provide to your customers and ultimately their satisfaction!

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Zinc Die Casting Experts

Deco Products is the largest stand-alone, dedicated zinc die caster in North America and has been providing top quality products to our customers since 1960… including our standard window & door products to custom made parts to spec for a variety of industries.

From innovative design to precision die-casting to superior powder coatings all the way through machining and assembly, we have you covered from “A” to “Z”inc.

As an ISO 9001:2015 Certified supplier our commitment to excellence has made us a supplier of precision die casting to customers all over the world.

As a prominent zinc die caster, Deco Products has a proven systematic approach to “quick turn” rapid tooling transfers in order to ensure our customer’s stress-free schedule implementation.

Why Zinc and What’s In It For You?

Advances in technology have allow us to provide innovative, light weight, longer lasting and more cost-effective products in several key areas.  These benefits often exceed those of cast aluminum, plastics, bronze and most cast irons.

The Production Benefit include:

  • Thinner walls
  • Stronger parts
  • Faster production
  • Tighter tolerances with less machining
  • Longer tool life

Additionally, the zinc die-casting process produces better parts with:

  • Fewer failures
  • Design flexibility
  • A “greener” eco-friendlier material

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