Fast-Lok clamps are heavily used in the Petroleum and the Electrical Industry, they are also deployed in many other applications. Our primary products are wrap preformed punch type hose clamps, open end clamps, and tools for clamp assemblies. However, we also provide miscellaneous coil stock for a variety of applications.

As of June 2017, Deco products would like to announce that the Fast-Lok product line is now part of the IDEAL-TRIDON product family.

Fast-Lok, with its proven 50 year history, is now joined with IDEAL-TRIDON’s comprehensive product family to allow customers more clamping options while maintaining excellent customer service.

This transition is expected to be smooth with consistent product naming and part number assignment. Please click the following link for more information on Fast-Lok and information on how to contact IDEAL-TRIDON for further information on quoting or ordering products.

IDEAL-TRIDON Fast-Lok Information Page



FAST·LOK F-38 Tool

FAST·LOK F-40 Tool

FAST·LOK F-100 Tool

Fold-up Clamping Method – FAST·LOK

Open-ended Clamping Method – FAST·LOK