Essential Tooling for Zinc Die Casting

Zinc die casting offers unparalleled versatility and efficiency in producing complex and intricately designed parts. However, achieving optimal results in zinc die casting heavily relies on designing and fabricating the right tooling. From mold design to die production, each aspect plays a vital role in the overall success of the die cast tooling implementation. At Deco, our experienced engineers work closely with customers to ensure the optimal design of die casting tooling. This is just another way Deco supports our customers for the best long-term value of the product life cycle.

Tooling Designs

Success in the zinc die casting process relies on two essential components: the cast die mold and the trim die. We carefully fabricate these important parts with appropriate hardened steel to ensure long life and high precision to ensure long term quality.

Die Cast Mold Tool

The die casting die mold has 2 halves and contains cavities where molten zinc is injected under high-pressure. This controlled environment allows for the precise formation of the desired zinc die cast part with accuracy and efficiency.

Mold Flow Analysis

Mold flow analysis is a critical tool in the zinc die casting process. Flow analysis allows Deco Products to optimize the design of molds.

By employing specialized software, our engineers can simulate the flow of molten zinc within the mold. Gaining valuable insights into the casting process. This analysis allows us to evaluate factors such as fill time, flow velocity, and pressure distribution. Deco’s Engineers will adjust to achieve optimal outcomes.

The simulation provides a comprehensive understanding of how the molten zinc will behave during the casting process. Enabling the identification and mitigation of potential defects. By visualizing the flow patterns, hotspots, air entrapment, and areas prone to shrinkage or porosity. Our engineers can make informed design modifications to enhance mold performance and minimize defects.

Furthermore, mold flow analysis aids in optimizing gating systems and runner designs. Ensuring efficient filling of the mold cavity while reducing turbulence and material waste. By precisely controlling the filling process, manufacturers can achieve consistent part dimensions and minimize the need for costly post-casting corrections.

Trim Die Tool

The trim die plays a crucial role in the zinc die casting process. This tool removes excess material such as runners, overflows, and flash from the castings. We design it as a separate tool, either in a single or multiple cavity configuration. This tool mirrors the same design as the die casting die itself.

Once the molten zinc solidifies and we eject the casting from the die, the trim die comes into action. It precisely trims away any unwanted material surrounding the cast part, ensuring a clean and finished product. We carefully craft the trim die to match the intricate contours and features of the casting. Enabling precise trimming without damaging or altering the integrity of the final part.

By utilizing the same configuration as the die casting die, the trim die ensures consistency and accuracy in the trimming process.

Optimize your Zinc Die Casting Tooling

Remember, choosing the right tooling sets the foundation for producing high-quality zinc die cast parts. With the right tools in hand, you can unlock the full potential of zinc die casting and achieve outstanding results.

Designing Zinc Parts for Optimal Performance

Our customers trust our design and engineering team to design zinc parts that are optimized for performance. We take care to evaluate drawing to ensure the correct materials, manufacturing processes and design limitations so that we help you create parts that are functional, efficient, and cost effective.
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