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Deco Products has been a prominent player in the zinc die casting industry since 1960. Our success in this industry is attributed to our systems, equipment, and operational and engineering expertise. Which allows us to undertake stress-free and expedited tooling transfer projects. 

Key to Deco Products Success 

One of the key reasons behind our continued success is our debt-free practices. Our financial stability allows us to maintain our operations in both calm and challenging times. We can continue to provide reliable services to our customers, regardless of the economic climate.  

Simple Tooling Transfer Process 

The tooling transfer process at Deco Products is simple yet effective. First, our engineering team will review part and other specifications and requirements for the design. We will ask questions and gather information on the tool that is being transferred before the tool is delivered. When the tool is received we will review the tool and determine if any adaptations are needed. 

Our team has decades of experience in tooling transfer projects. Which allows us to quickly identify any potential issues and develop an appropriate plan to address them.  

Next, Deco will size the part for one of our many zinc die casting machines. With over 100 die cast machines, we are likely well positioned to have the proper equipment to fit and run the existing mold. 

Ensuring a seamless and efficient transfer process, If any modification is required, it can easily be taken care of in our on-site tool room. Utilizing an on-site tool room saves our customers time and money. Visit our tooling page for more information. 

Tooling Transfer for Zinc Die Casting 

Tooling can then be sampled in an efficient and production representative way. With our many machines, we have the capacity to quickly sample the tooling without interrupting other scheduled production jobs. Samples are then verified in our on-site QA lab to ensure the parts meet the customer requirements and Deco’s high standards. 

Zinc Die Cast Tooling Transfer Project 

At Deco Products, we understand that every tooling transfer project is unique. However, with our decades of experience and expertise, we can adapt to specific requirements and capabilities for your transferred tooling. Our team of experts is committed to providing stress-free and efficient tooling transfer projects to our customers.  

Successful Tooling Transfers 

Deco Products has been a leader in the zinc die casting industry for over six decades. Thanks to our expertise in tooling transfer projects and new part designs. Our conservative practices and debt-free status have ensured stability for our customers even during challenging economic times. At Deco, we have the systems, equipment, and engineering experts to ensure stress-free and expedited tooling transfer projects.  

Tooling Transfer Checklist 

Here is our tooling transfer project checklist that we follow to ensure successful project completion:  

Understanding Project Parameters  

  • We start by understanding the project parameters such as schedule and cost to ensure that we meet the customer’s expectations.  

Reviewing Tools  

  • We review the tools to be transferred by sharing various types of information such as tooling drawings, tool photos, number of cavities, and on-site audits if necessary.  

Sizing the Fit of Tools  

  • When the tools arrive, we size the fit of the tools to one of our over 100 zinc die casting machines and existing tooling holders or fixtures for adaptation.  

Modifying or Adapting Tooling  

  • If needed, tooling can be modified or adapted with new componentry in our on-site tool room.  

Sampling Tooling  

We can sample the tooling in an expedited but production representative way. With our many machines, we have the capacity to quickly sample the tooling without interruption of other scheduled production jobs.  

Conducting QA Inspection  

  • We have an on-site QA lab to conduct 1st article inspections and layouts as part of the production part approval process (PPAPs).  

Sending Samples for Approval  

  • Samples are sent to the customer for review and approval.  

It’s important to note that every tooling transfer project has its own unique set of circumstances. Our decades of experience and engineering expertise, uniquely positioned to adapt to specific requirements and capabilities for your transferred tooling. Our experts are problem solvers and can provide a smooth and stress-free process for our customers.  

At Deco Products, we take pride in providing our customers with the highest level of service and support. We are committed to meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations.

Deco Products has been a “Made in USA” zinc die casting manufacturer since 1960. Deco Products provides exceptional service and quality products for a multitude of industries. A few services Deco Products provides are custom precision engineered zinc die-casting, powder coating, assembly, CNC Machining, and DFM-Part Design. Deco has been a stable and reliable supplier to the industry and continuously strives for being the best value for its key partner/customers.

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Dave Magner is the Director of Sales and Marketing and has been with Deco Products since 2015. He has a +20 years of engineering experience in mechanical and electrical testing and design and zinc die casting, plastic injection molding, stamping, assembly, and automation processes.

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